You can expect the following:

Guarantee #1: 60 Minute Return Call Guarantee:

Few things are more frustrating than having a computer problem and not being able to get a hold of your computer consultant. If you contact C.WADE Networks by phone or email, a response will come in ONE HOUR or less, or your next billable hour is free!

Guarantee #2: 1 Hour Remote Service Guarantee:
When you need computer help, you don’t want to have to wait hours, or even days for your consultant to finally show up. With C.WADE Networks, if I have internet access, I’ll begin working on the issue with you remotely (from my office or in the field) within one hour of you reporting the problem, or your next billable hour is free!

Guarantee #3: 30-Day Fix-It-The-First-Time Guarantee:
You don’t want a consultant who returns again, and again, and again to work on the same problem (and charge you a high hourly rate every time). I’ll get the problem fixed the first time and have you confirm it has been resolved to your satisfaction. If not, I escalate to the next steps (usually vendor contact), and keep working until it’s done. And, if the problem then reoccurs within 30 days, I’ll continue to work on the issue at no charge until it’s permanently resolved.

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