Force of One

What would your IDEAL tech support experience look like? Probably a consultant who…

• is responsive to your needs

• is ready and willing to communicate

• knows your systems and operations intimately

• wants to know (and be liked by) all members of your crew, and especially YOU

• has the tech chops to support systems you have now, and is always thinking of ways to help improve things down the road…

C.WADE Networks guarantees one of the MOST DEDICATED Computer Consultants around. Here’s my resume. But that’s just black and white. In technicolor, I am dynamic. When I run into an issue identified as anything more complex than a “quick fix”, I go to the source…familiarity with popular manufacturers & distributors raises your value and speed of service. Microsoft, Dell, HP, CDW, Symantec, Cisco, Apple, Netgear, AVG, McAfee, BlackBerry, Lenovo…I have dealt with them all. And I innately excel at getting things connected.

I can connect with your workstation as long as I have my trusty laptop in hand…or even my iPhone. I am able to address over 85% of all issues remotely. And with a Monthly Managed Maintenance Plan in place, you never have to worry about extra fees.

On the occasion you absolutely need me on-site, at the venue, the gallery, or even behind the bus, I charge FLAT rates — not hourly — so it’s one less dent in the bank. And if, for whatever reason, I can’t be there, I’m the one on the phone to the vendors, the customer service hotline, the call center in Jaipur, taking care of getting you the technical help you need, at a good price, wherever you are.

Supporting your business is MY business. Art and music are definitely business. I derive joy from devising ways to continuously improve my service to special populations, so that you’ll remain my client for as long as I can possibly keep you absolutely thrilled.

Get to know me and see for yourself how much you’ll LOVE my service. Good way to start, huh?

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